Broccoli Smoothie

A broccoli smoothie? You are probably saying, "Are you kidding me?"

Brocolli Smoothie Brocolli Smoothie Brocolli Smoothie

How to Make a Broccoli Smoothie


broccoli smoothie? I can hear you saying, "Are you kidding me?" Isn't this the veggie we dreaded when we were kids? The one we now eat steamed and smothered in butter? Why on earth would anyone want to drink such a concoction? Well, you are about to be really pleasantly surprised, because when prepared in the right way, this drink can be not only health boosting, but also quite delicious.

Health Benefits of Broccoli

Probably more important than the individual nutrients in broccoli, which are substantial, are its powerful cancer preventative abilities. Johns Hopkins University published a study demonstrating broccoli prevents development of tumors by 60% and helps reduce tumor size by 75%.  And broccoli sprouts pack 20-50% more cancer fighting properties than the mature vegetable. This is huge!
From a single 150 gram serving we get 225% of our RDA of vitamin C, plus high amounts of fiber, potassium, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, B-6, and vitamin A. There is no cholesterol or fat, and only 50 calories.
How To Make a Broccoli Smoothie
For equipment, you will need a good quality blender. Of course a high powered machine is best if you want to make a smoothie that contains a high proportion of broccoli. But you can use a department store blender if you limit the amount of broccoli to less than one cup. For any of these recipes, you can use broccoli sprouts and reap the benefits of the extra cancer preventative properties.
You are going to add in different flavors of juices, liquids, fruits and vegetables to vary the flavor and the nutritional impact. And it is important to blend until the broccoli is completely liquified, so if your blender is not powerful enough to do this on its own, you can add chopped broccoli to your food processor and using the sharp blade, reduce it to pulp. 

Broccoli Smoothie Recipes

1) Basic
•  1 cup chopped broccoli, put through food processor if needed
•  1 banana
•  1 ½ cups water, milk, or almond milk
•  Ice as needed
Whirl in your blender until smooth and enjoy!
2) Nutty Banana Berry Broccoli
•  3 raw broccoli florets finely chopped
•  1 medium ripe banana
•  6 strawberries
•  6 ounces vanilla yogurt
•  1/2 Tbs smooth peanut butter
Blend well. If you like it really cold, add a few cubes of ice.
3) With Spinach
•  1/2 cup broccoli florets- chopped
•  1/2 cup fresh spinach
•  1 cup strawberries
•  1 banana
•  8 oz. juice - your choice
Blend all ingredients and enjoy!
4) Protein Broccoli Smoothie
•  1/2 cup chopped broccoli
•  3 Tbs protein powder
•  1 cup milk or nut milk
•  1/2 banana
•  1/2 cup strawberries, fresh or frozen
•  1 Tbs heaping, of carob powder
•  Stevia, honey or maple syrup to taste
Blend all ingredients at high speed until smooth. Sip and enjoy!
People who drink these rave about the taste and the good energy feelings they get. So don't be timid, try a fresh broccoli smoothie today!